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Environmental Graphics

I worked with a North Carolina design group on this environmental graphics project. Background wall graphics to simulate the interconnected power grid with dimensional lettering and map. The map has a flat LED panel behind a cut-out of the lightning bolt. The map is the first thing you’ll see as you exit the elevator!

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I recently wrapped a trailer to be used at local arts events. Hidden from view in these photos are solar panels on the roof. The design was prepared by a local artist with the theme being environmentally green.

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Lessons learned from my Father

A little over a year ago I lost my Father. He was in the printing industry most of his life. Somehow I stumbled into this industry, struggling in college I took a semester off to figure out where I wanted to go with my life.  Like my Dad I enjoyed art and photography so I entered a Commercial Art program. I enjoyed the creativity and it turned things around for me.

After a brief period doing layout work I moved into production for several printers, estimating and customer service,  I then made the big move for me, into sales. It was where I belonged. I enjoyed helping people.

Over the years my Dad was an anchor for me. Guiding me almost silently as I moved further into my career in the Graphic Arts Industry. He mostly listened quietly, but guided by example. He instilled in me the integrity and trust needed to succeed in this industry.

Here are the biggest lessons I learned.

  • Always do what you say you’ll do. Many people don’t follow through, you’ll stand out.
  • If you made a mistake, own it and have a solution for it. Your client will respect your integrity.
  • Find the right balance between work and home. Be dedicated to your job but be dedicated to your family too.

Obviously I miss my Dad, our frequent talks and the wisdom he quietly shared. Don’t miss out on the mentors in your life. They have a lot to share if you’ll listen.

ATM wraps

We recently complete wraps on a bank conversion. The previous graphics were mostly masked and painted and each required extensive sanding to obscure the raised ridge of the paint masking. In addition to the wrap we also painted areas that we were unable to wrap with decals including, louvers and hinges.

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Welcome back to old friends at Star Food Products. I have worked with them for many years. Now they’re working with me at Motor Sports Designs. These box trucks are full wraps on the body.

An interesting side note. I took the product shot for them on my kitchen table!

The Roaming Gnome

Last week at the Triangle American Marketing Association luncheon I heard speakers describing the social media strategy of Travelocity and the Roaming Gnome. I also got a chance to address the attendees (over 200!) and introduce them to Motorsports Designs/Vomela. As a sponsor of the Triangle AMA I also had a display and got a special visit for the Roaming Gnome!


We recently became a sponsor of the Triangle American Marketing Association. For their first ever High Five event, developed to bring marketers and creatives together we provided the directional signage.

Each attendee was directed to each meeting room with  carpet graphics leading the way. At each meeting room we produced signs direct printed to Ultraboard and cut to shape. The meeting room signs were held up with spider feet and listed the events in that room. We also produced the stage backdrop, a 24 foot by 10 foot banner made in one piece.

We’re happy to be a partner with Triangle AMA and proud to be able to help at a successful event.

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This major zoo contacted us about printing their directional maps and signs. All are direct printed on Dibond.

See if you can find our printed panels in the Tarantula exhibit (hint….it’s camouflage under the Tarantula).

Dibond is an excellent material for interior or exterior use. Dibond is two pre-painted sheets of .012″ aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. Great strength and very light weight.

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According to a new 3M study 3M IJ180 Cv3 is 3 1/2 times faster to remove than competitive materials tested. Here’s a link to an interesting article which goes into the details of the study: Sign & Digital Graphics article

Removal costs are based on time necessary to remove the graphics vinyl. This time savings results in lower cost for removing old graphics when a promotion is over or the vehicle is being sold.

Contact us for our recommendations for your vehicle graphics. Short and long term materials are available. Don’t forget reflective too for night visibility and safety!

Large format building graphics are a great way to advertise and promote.  This time lapse video show crews installing 3M textured wall graphics vinyl and 3M perforated window graphics vinyl.

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